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MP 3rd grade and "pencil-twirlers"

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    Hi, Dianna.

    Sorry I haven't answered your previous post. I have been trying to get some final decisions made for you. I am attaching a sample lesson plan here. The only subjects I don't have complete are States & Capitals and Science. Latin, Greek Mythology, and Christian Studies are all at a half-pace (2 weeks per lesson). Spelling is the new Spelling Workout program, which is less work than R&S Spelling was. Literature, NAC3, and Math have remained at grade level. Intro. to Composition stays with the literature, so it is unchanged. I talked with one of our 3rd grade teachers about science and States & Capitals this week. She feels that Astronomy is difficult for the 3rd graders, so I think we are going to move that up to the new 4th grade and add a new science. I am looking at the Christian Liberty Nature Reader 3, Usborne's Complete First Book of Nature, and a couple of other things for this year. She also said that States & Capitals is difficult because of the spelling of the cities and states. So, I thought I would take 2 years to get through that so that students only have to learn 4 regions a year. I will intersperse some American history Landmark biographies throughout the 2 years also to fill it out a little. So, once I make a science decision and get States & Capitals rearranged, it will be completely finished!

    I can't get the sample uploaded on here because it is too large. I'll email it to you.




      Can you comment on which version of spelling workout you are going to be using? I just purchased the 3rd grade package in hopes of doing it as is with ds turning 9 at the end of July. I will need plans for spelling. Thanks!


      Plans for 2022-2023
      16th year homeschooling, 13th year with Memoria Press
      DD College Sophomore
      DS 11th grade - Lukeion Latin and Greek, Vita Beata, MPOA Divine Comedy
      DS 9th grade - Vita Beata Literature/Classical Studies
      DS 4th grade - 4A with Right Start F, Second Form Latin, AAS 5



        We're going to use Spelling Workout B for 1st grade, C for 2nd grade, D for 3rd grade, and so on. Send me an email, and I'll send you the lesson plans.