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Phenom of Lang, Latina Christiana, Oxford Latin?...

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    Phenom of Lang, Latina Christiana, Oxford Latin?...

    I am a mom/beginning Latin student 8-). :?

    Can anyone share how Latina Christiana compares with Phenomenon of Language for beginning Latin students in gr 7-9?

    Can anyone here compare Oxford Latin I with Latina Christiana to use with a learning challenged student in 9th gr?

    Thanking in advance,

    Latina Christiana vs. Oxford Latin

    The major difference is that Oxford is a college level course (actually, it was one of the texts used in my college Latin courses). Latina Christiana is designed for middle or high school and written for a parent or teacher with little or no background in Latin.

    As far as the approach each book takes, Oxford is a Latin reading course. It starts out with translation passages in the first lesson, and the grammar is to be inferred and learned from the passages. This is essentially the immersion approach to Latin. It is the same thing as teaching reading without first learning phonics. I don't like this approach for Latin. If students have to constantly look up vocabulary and grammar forms for each word in a translation, they are quickly frustrated and never "get" the whole system they are learning.

    Latina Christiana takes a "grammar focused" approach. It teaches the grammar forms and vocabulary systematically before jumping into much translation. It is based on the classical model of - memorize first, then apply what you have learned. For Latin, this approach works much better.

    I think Latina Christiana is the right course for you, but if you are going to use a more advanced course, I would look at Henle Latin (our recommendation) or Wheelock rather than Oxford.
    Brian Lowe


      How does the mom learn?

      Thank you for your detailed explanation, Brian. I believe you've helped me avoid a serious mistake while trying to choose the correct Latin course for my children.

      I am assuming that the Latina Christiana Student Texts are nonconsummable, correct? If they are, I know I need to purchase one for each of my two students. :?: Should I also purchase a student text for myself? Is that the recommended way for an inexperienced mom to keep up with the Latin studies of the children? I have not studied Latin before now. My oldest could probably learn Latin on her own but I know my youngest will need much help.

      Again, many thanks!


        Latina Christiana Workbooks

        Latina Christiana student books are designed with space for the students to write their answers. Originally, they were non-consumable, but after years of notebook pages scattered everywhere in our school, we found it is easier to have all of the student's work right in the workbook.

        You will not need a separate student book for yourself. The LC I Teacher Manual includes a complete copy of the student book inside it.

        You can see a sample page from the LC I Teacher manual at
        Brian Lowe


          Oh dear.. let me clarify my question...

          I guess I didn't clarify with my question. Do I also need to work through a student text myself in order for me to be able to help my children learn with Latina Christiana? I realize the TE has a copy of the student text in it with answers filled in. Will that be sufficient for *me* to learn the Latin that way... I mean... I'll be trying to learn it with the answers already filled in. I'm wondering if I, too, should work through a student text so that I will be forced to use my brain in learning the Latin. Or will I learn it just from using the TE?

          Does that make sense?


            Student Book

            Going through the book yourself is a great approach. Sometimes, if you have the answers right in front of you, it is easy to gloss over the exercises without really learning the material.
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            Brian Lowe


              Student text for mom?

              That's what I thought. I may get a student text for me too. Thanks!