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Re-post: Studying Latin over the summer

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    Re-post: Studying Latin over the summer

    Found this so helpful to read, thought I'd re-post so the rest of you can find it if you need to...

    "Hi, Dorinda.

    I'd have her go back and correct everything she missed so that she has to revisit it again. I used to give my students the opportunity to do this if they did poorly on a test, and I gave them half the points back. Then, I'd end the year and have her go through her flashcards every week this summer. She does need to have the vocabulary mastered because she is going to double the words she needs to know next year. She will be in such better shape if she makes that commitment now. It will only take a few minutes each week to go back through the cards, put the ones she doesn't know into a pile to review the rest of the week, and then start fresh the following week. This will put every word in front of her once a week, and the problem words will become obvious quickly!

    It sounds to me like she has done good work this year! It's a big test with a lot of material on it, and it sounds to me like she did well!