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Question about Kindergarten Recitation

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    Question about Kindergarten Recitation

    We are new to homeschooling. I just received my curriculum package for kindergarten. I am a little confused by the recitation part. In the lesson plans it will say for example, recitation for week 1. I see the list in the appendix so I understand that. I assume he recites all of week 1 every day it says to recite for that week. But, when it says art recitation or poem recitation what is he supposed to recite and where is it located? Also as you go further it will say recitation THROUGH week so and so....does this mean he is supposed to recite everything from week 1 through whatever week we are on?

    Thank you!

    Welcome to the forum, and to MP! You have a great question, one that many of us have when we receive our first core. The Recitation program is meant to be cumulative; so you are correct in your question. The repetition of always beginning at the beginning helps children build a speed and confidence as they move quickly through the early questions, building mastery throughout the course of the year. That being said, you can certainly use your discretion to cut them down as the year moves along when you see that they really know them.

    For example, when we get to week 14, or 15, it is fun to see how fast they go on the early weeks. But by week 20, it can get really long. So we may do the full recitation one day during the week, but the other two times, i only do weeks 12-20 or something like that. Does that make sense? I never cut them out for good, but you can cut down the frequency of doing the whole thing. It is meant as a five to ten minute activity; going on longer seems to be overtaxing to their ability to be formal about it. (I.e. squirminess sets in!)

    Also, the art and poetry is found in the lists of artworks, and the list of poems for the year, which are also in the appendix. Memorizing this information as a list is another great piece of memory work which gradually builds up a canon of knowledge of great works, something which I have never had, but wish I did! Keep in mind, it is all provided as resources for you to use, but never meant as a hardship. Keep your child in mind, as far as how much or how little to do. Very often, we do not give our children enough credit for what they are capable of. You may be surprised at how much they learn, and how much they enjoy it!

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