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Needing some direction- warning: long, annoying post from first year homeschooler lol

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    Needing some direction- warning: long, annoying post from first year homeschooler lol

    Hello! I am a complete MP and homeschool newbie, but I feel like I have finally found what I have been looking for for my kids (11, 8, and 3). I am really excited about the things we will all learn using this curriculum.
    Here's my problem- I have no idea what to do for my second grader. Also, this is likely to be a moderately long read. Fair warning! So anyway, we started homeschooling in September, and I decided to repeat first grade for her to help solidify math and reading for her and give her a really strong foundation there because I felt that she just didn't have it. First I started with Sonlight for science and language arts, and Math-U-See for math. Still working through our MUS (explanation below) and looking to be done by September. Ended up hating the Sonlight and returning it halfway through. I never did order anything else because I just couldn't find the right "thing", ya know? I never could get comfortable with anything I was finding. We've just been read, read, reading and doing unit study type things until I could find what I wanted.
    In addition to this, I was going to school full time to finish my bachelors, renovating an old historic building, running a gym inside that building, (which were group fitness classes that I taught 2-3 times a day) and volunteering as Cubmaster for my son's cub scout pack at church. Yeah. Stupid. It was absolutely stupid to take all that on at the same time and try to homeschool too. So school was not done every day. 3 days a week, IF we were lucky.
    I feel like I've dug a little hole and I'm not quite sure how to get her out. I would love to start her with Latin in the fall, but with her weak language arts background, would that be a mistake? How do you ease yourself into a schedule and curriculum like this with a backstory like ours? Where do we pick up? To be honest, I will feel like a failure if I have to start 1st grade all over with her again. What should we do over the summer, besides finishing her math? I decided to let college go for right now and work on other, less intense certifications I need so I can focus on my family again. I'm not cub master anymore. So I have time again, and I'm excited to do this the way I wanted to when I started out.

    Just not sure where to start her at at this point. Help?

    Welcome to MP! My question would be if your second grader can read the Courage of Sarah Noble alone. You don't have expect her to complete the questions inn the study guide on her own--the parent is supposed to be modeling for the child at this point anyway. If she can't read it, then you should consider backing up to a point in first grade where she can read the books.

    As for Latin, we recommend starting once they are strong readers. If she is strong, then go ahead and start. Prima Latina takes it slow and doesn't assume prior Latin knowledge, so as long as she can read, she will do fine.

    To pick up, you may want to start a couple of the subjects she will find easier early, and slowly add on other subjects as she gets comfortable with the rhythm.

    I'll let other people chime in with their suggestions!

    Paul Schaeffer
    Academy Director
    Memoria Press Online Academy


      Hello and welcome!...I am just seeing this for the first time or I would have replied sooner...

      I agree with Paul...If she is reading well, I would start with the second grade package..If she still needs work in phonics and reading, I would do the first grade package with her along with second grade math for her second grade year...There is no need to feel like you have failed and are redoing first...You are not...You would be giving her what she needs for her second grade year...Many of us here are using the plans a year behind their earliest recommended use date (that is how I think of the MP grade levels now :-)...I have a son who will be in second grade this fall and he will be using the first grade package with second grade math because he is still working on reading and phonics...

      Let us know how you are and what you decide...

      Homeschooling two boys
      DS -21 (9/00) Homeschool graduate, in college
      DS -17 (9/04) (SN)
      DS -15 (7/06)


        #4 did we all not see your original post? I am glad Autumn Oak bumped this up so that we an get a second chance to welcome you and offer support!

        Welcome to MP as well! I will echo Autumn Oak a bit and offer to take a deep breath and realize that as home schoolers, we have to fit the schooling in around the events that are going on in our lives. While it is a priority, it doesn't always get top place in our days because of the living that is going on in our homes. It is hard to be humble and realize that sometimes we don't do as well as we would like, but we have to accept that and keep moving forward.

        My experience comes from very often being sick with a new pregnancy, having a baby in the middle of the year, moving frequently in my husband's old career, and then even jumping around curriculum...which can set you back. So have no worries starting are where you are, and you can begin fresh this year!

        And as many of us know, Memoria Press is a really rich curriculum...wherever you need to be, you will find great things for your children to be doing. In our experimenting over the years, my kids were often a year or more ahead of their age grades. But with MP, that is not necessary, and this year I am figuring out how to slow my little ones down, keeping them at their grades for a second year to really do the curriculum.better and let them age-up. We have that flexibility as home schoolers after all!

        Are you able to visit any conventions this summer? That is a great way to see many levels at once. And this forum is a great place to get advice....hopefully we won't miss you again!

        (Mom to seven: 13,10,8,6,4,2, and 7 months)
        16th Year HSing; 10th Year with MP
        DD, 19, Homeschool grad; college sophomore
        DS, 17
        DD, 15
        DD, 13
        DD, 11
        DD, 9
        DD, 7
        DS, 2



          Perhaps it would be helpful to you to have your daughter take the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) or have her assessed by a second grade teacher. This may identify areas where she is strong and areas that need your focused attention as you plan your next steps and start afresh.

          Here's the The Iowa TestsĀ® for Homeschools:

          And your local public school or state's education department should be able to connect you with a second grade teacher who can help with an assessment if that sounds more appealing.

          Just some ideas.