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    Newbie Intro

    Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone before I start asking lots of questions. We live in American Samoa, a tiny rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but we are originally from New Zealand. My dd is 10 and my ds is 8. I have been lurking on these forums for a while and have become quite addicted to the website and the forums. I am looking at 3rd grade and 6th grade materials and would love to order the full curriculum sets but being in the Southern Hemisphere might not work with some of the science. I think I will probably need to email Memoria Press eventually for placement advice but thought I would ask a few questions here first! Thank you in advance for any and all advice you give me in my future posts!

    Welcome! This place is awesome. Ask away!
    The Homeschool Grads:
    J- 6/96
    S- 11/98

    G- 4/04 (mild ASD/mild intellectual delay)
    D- 5/05
    F- 7/08 (my only girl)

    New Homeschooler:
    M- 9/16: JrK 5-Day


      Hi there!

      Nice to *meet* you!
      8 ds, 15 dd

      Former Homeschoolers-
      18 ds- senior at public school headed to niu this fall
      20 ds- Building Contractor/Artist
      23 ds- world traveler- currently in Goa India


        Welcome! Happy to have another joiner!

        16th Year HSing; 10th Year with MP
        DD, 19, Homeschool grad; college sophomore
        DS, 17
        DD, 15
        DD, 13
        DD, 11
        DD, 9
        DD, 7
        DS, 2


          Yes, Welcome! I'm fairly new, too! I also have one (ds) using 6 grade next 'school year.'


            Welcome! Every time someone asks a question I usually end up learning something so ask away .

            Nine babies, 6 graduated, 5 married, 17 grand babies 7 and under!
            2020/21 MP 3rd, 6th, 11th MPOA, College student. Starting 8th year using Memoria Press
            Director of Coop 412, a Classical Christian Coop using MP and based on Ephesians 4:12.


              Welcome! I'm Blair, mom to 5 girls (ages 6, 4, 2, and 10 month old twins). And I completely agree with Maggie....I learn lots just by reading other peoples inquiries.


              Mom to 6 sweet girls and finally a boy!
              SB - 9 - starting MP 5M
              A - 7 - starting MP 3rd
              M - 5 - starting MP 1st
              F & SG - 4 year old identical twinners
              CJ - a rascally, busy 2 year old
              GH - 4/17/2017, much adored, baby brother!