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    Which Latin for Mommy?

    I will be using Prima Latina with my dd6 in the fall and would love to prepare myself for this exciting venture by working through an introductory Latin program. Do I start with LC or FFL?

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    I'm just learning along with my kids. I watch all the DVDs with them and get a separate workbook to complete myself. My oldest is finishing up LC1 and I'm having to work a bit on memory for the vocabulary to keep up with him, but I've not needed to be ahead so far. I plan to go with him as much as I can since we're doing Latin for the long-haul and there are three others coming up after him. I have the added benefit of PL going on in the house again this year with really helps with review. It helps me see the value of the one-room schoolhouse: everyone was always hearing everything they'd ever learned, aloud, daily and the little ones heard things for years that they'd learn in the future. Genius!
    Festina lentē,
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      I do the same as pickandgrin. I'm looking forward to FF1 next year.
      Mom to 5 boys-14,13,10,8,5 and the girls- 3 and 1


        First Form, definitely. I had used a dozen Latin curricula (including LC I more than a decade ago), but it wasn't until I sprung for FF that every piece of Latin I had ever seen fell perfectly into place. I've gone through it 3 times now and it's the absolute best "mastery based" Latin curriculum available in today's homeschool market.

        Honestly, I wish MP would revise LC I *to* make it better and more cohesive. Looking at it now, it's actually rather "random".

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