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    Copy/Memory 2nd grade

    We have just started 2nd grade core. I was wondering if there is a more detailed plan for the language lesson part of the copybook? I am just wonder if I am doing enough with it. I would love for you all to tell me what you do for the language lesson and how in depth you go. I hope this makes sense.

    The selections are there for handwriting practice/memory work, not to cover grammar. There are suggestions given in the front of the Copbooks for discussing the selcetions in general, not actual lessons for each one.

    Prima or R&S is the grammar resource. Copybook is to introduce the child to beautiful words/thoughts. {At least that is the way I understand it.}
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      When we put the verse on the board, we just talk about general information - why particular words are capitalized, how the verse is punctuated and why, etc. As Enigma says, this is an introduction to what a good sentence looks like. We stress good sentence writing in every subject, and Copybook time is just another opportunity to point out some basic grammar and punctuation rules. With very young children, you may be introducing certain parts of punctuation for the first time, like semi-colons. I'll never forget when I was teaching 5th grade and a student asked me if I was going to take points off on her classical studies test if she didn't capitalize "Paris." It was like punctuation and capitalization rules only applied in grammar class!

      Sorry you had to wait for my reply. I've been hanging out with homeschoolers at the Cincinnati convention!