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    First grade phonics

    I see the new first grade phonics books. I teach at a small school with 7 first graders and last year used SRA2 with your spelling lists. I wonder if you will have your first grade plans ready to go in August? If so, I'll buy your new books! If not, I'll scour the planet for SRA2 and wait a year. Thank you for your help. I'm sure you are busy bees with these new phonics programs.


      K Curriculum changes

      Thanks Tanya!

      Good to know ! I am one mom who doesn't want a slower pace so I am glad to know that what I have is what you are using at Highlands! I know there are other changes in the works so I will keep an eye out! We LOVE MP and would be at the Highlands school if we lived near Louisville and didn't homeschool!! Of course, we love living in sunny, southern CA and were glad to see MP at the recent homeschool conventions here!!

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        It will probably be the end of August before we have the 1st grade phonics totally ready to go. We are writing better teaching guidelines than we had with SRA - more detail about how to teach the lessons - and that is time-consuming. But our teachers are working hard on it. I will have the list of Core Skills and Spelling Workout pages before that, and that may be enough for you to start with because you have taught phonics before. I'm hoping to have that scheduled out in the next couple of weeks. So, I'd say it's up to you whether you make the change this year or not.

        You don't have to look too hard to buy SRA. You can buy it directly from McGraw-Hill here:

        Or, Amazon sells them too.





          I LOVE southern CA too! I visited Los Angeles last summer to do teacher training at a school there and had a great time. I really like the more laid back atmosphere. But the weather got to me! I'm from southern GA, and I expected tropical humid weather. I was there in Aug. and froze in the mornings and evenings. I should have done my homework, but I always associate palm trees with humidity.

          You could start a school, and then we would have an HLS in California!




            keep up the good work

            we tried MP last year and will order again this year. Hope everything gets organized and settled soon, It takes a lot of work I am sure!
            Peeked at core skills over @ rainbow resource and I think it will be a good switch. glad to see the two sets of the EPS readers before beginning StoryTime Treasures. We have used Spelling Workout with much success, as well
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              How to get new first grade phonics plans?

              I plan to go ahead and use your new books and plans for first grade phonics. What is the best way to get the new pages and new lesson plans for Spelling Workout and Core Skills when available? Thank you!

              - Sara



                If you'll send me an email at the beginning of Aug., I'll make sure you get those lesson plans when they are ready.


                [email protected]


                  Alternate 3rd grade plans

                  Hi Tanya,

                  I've read your posts mentioning a track for 3rd grade that is done at a more leisurely pace ;-)

                  I would be interested in getting a hard copy of those plans when they are available. Thank you! Love MP!



                    We are in the midst of feverish conference prep this week, and our conference will keep me out of the office next week, but if you send your request by email to: [email protected], they will be glad to let you know when the plans are ready to go. You will need to tell them if you wish to purchase them, or if you are just wanting to replace the current 3rd grade plans you already have.