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2nd grade Science

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    2nd grade Science

    In the 2nd grade lesson plan there are resources listed for each week. My question is do I need to buy all of the resource books and read through them or just pick one for each week? Will the science enrichment include all of these books when it is complete? I am having to buy them now because we will be staring soon and it is looking like it will be around $75 for the first 3 weeks of the science resources. I have checked at a few libraries around and they don't have them. Just wondering I have already spent about $750 on books and don't want to have to spend $100 a month for additional books if I don't have to.

    The books in the Enrichment guides do go in order, one specifically for each week. But I can totally understand the limitation of finances. If you realize it is too much, things we have done to supplement are to take the topic of the week and look up resouces online, or you could even check out books on the topic, even if it is not the specific book listed. Science at this age is still about exposure rather than in depth study. We also love the Thorton Burgess books as a supplement.

    Just a couple of thoughts!
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      Hi, Brandi.

      The Science, History, & Culture Resource Kit is totally supplemental. We only added it in the past year because we had customers wanting more help with science. Our intention for primary science is for a simple introduction to nature, topically tied to the read-aloud book of the week. We feel that science and social studies are supplemental to the core curriculum in K-2nd grades. Our core - and the assignments that are essential to complete - consists of phonics & reading, math, and penmanship. These subjects need most of your students' attention. The Literature & Enrichment portion of the curriculum will enrich your students' school experience, but it isn't intended to cause stress. The science resources we have suggested just give you more information about each topic studied in our simple science lessons. You can get this information online or from your library if you don't want to purchase the kit. We have mostly used the Gail Gibbons science books, the Cat in the Hat Learning Library books, and the Let's Read and Find Out books. I feel these are easily accessible books, and I'm sure you can find science books on most topics at your local library.




        You could ask your librarian about interlibrary loans. I've been doing this to find books that my library system doesn't have. They pull books from other libraries in the state. Also if you decide you want to buy some of them check out Rainbow Resource, they have cheap prices and free shipping over $50(they may take a few weeks to get to you though).
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