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    SOTW Summer Reading


    Which SOTW volume is suggested for my daughter to read prior to beginning the 4th grade core curriculum? The catalog says Vol. 1. Online says Vol. 2.

    My two, 7 and 9-y-olds, are still working through Vol. 1 with the enrichment/activity book this year, which has been a lot of fun for them. I didn't even notice that MP suggested summer readings when purchasing the 3rd grade core curriculum. If she needs to read through Vol. 2 prior to next year's curriculum, I'm not sure we'll have enough time to do the activity book with it, which I know is not required, but is much more fun than just reading the material.



    I believe it's Vol. 1 before 4th then on from there so you should be ready to go! This would make sense since Vol. 1 is the ancients through the fall of Rome. Some other ideas to visit the material are the MP3s available at for around $30/volume for digital download. They also have CDs but they are more expensive. You might want to check your local library too as ours has several copies of the CDs available for checkout. They are always on hold so we have to be patient and then listen fast but we listen to them in the car poking around town. I've never used SOTW as "school" so the kids think the CDs are for fun. Ha!
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      Sorry about that! It should be Vol. 1 before 4th grade and Vol. 2 before 5th grade. We are using SOTW to introduce the time period students will be studying in the fall. Vol. 1 is a good introduction to Rome and Vol. 2 introduces the Middle Ages. They read Vol. 3 before 6th grade and study the American history portions of Vol. 4 during the 6th grade.

      I agree that the activity books would be a good source of fun if you have the time for them. We just didn't want to put too much work into the summer!