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    What is the recommended age to start the Jr K program?

    Age four is recommended.

    However I have read people talking about it with a five year old.

    We personally did it well with my daughter while she was three. (She is my oldest.)

    My second daughter will not be ready at three. So we will reconsider it again at four with her. (She'll be three this summer and her sister five. Her sister might start the first grade materials this fall, we're about half way through Kinder now. We might just continue and extend Kinder ideals for a half or a year.)
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    @ CherryBlossomMJ


      Cherry blossom,
      I agree with you....I had a four year old this year who could have done preK or K, but I held her off so as not to get too far too fast. I am going to post again about what to do with a young second's tough!

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