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    LCI or LCII

    I am currently using LCI. This is the second year my 5th grader has used it. Last year, we only did vocabulary and verb conjugations. This year she is doing the full workbook. She is at about 25% mastery of the vocabulary lists, but does very good on translations and her oral recitation. The recent article in "The Classical Teacher" suggested mastery is critical for Latin. Next year should I have her go through LCI again, using the video format for variety, so she can MASTER that material before moving on to LCII? I have discussed this possibility with her, and she is agreeable to it. Is that too much overkill, though?

    Also, my 3rd grader is using LCI this year for vocabulary and verb conjugations. She is doing fantastic! I will be purchasing Prima Latina for my 1st grader. Should I bring my 3rd grader back to Prima Latina for next year, waiting to do the full workbook format for LCI when she is in 5th grade? Is that an easier transition? Am I expecting too much of a 4th grader to go through the full LCI? Would PL be more fun for her? We have lots of time to learn Latin, and I don't want to frustrate her! What would you suggest?

    Prima Latina- LC I

    If your 5th grader is at 90% mastery of the vocabulary and grammar forms by the end of the year, I would go on to LC II and continue to review the LC I material on the side.

    You could consider a joint Prima Latina class with your 1st and 4th graders next year. Prima Latina has a strong focus on grammar concepts and provides the building blocks necessary to understand every language.

    When you receive Prima Latina, you can look at the concepts covered and determine whether your daughter has a good grasp on the parts of speech, etc. If she does, I would continue on with Latina Christiana. If not, do a joint PL class with your 1st grader.

    Regardless of the book you use, be sure to have your 4th grader help the younger one with difficult concepts. It is amazing how well your 4th grader will understand grammar after teaching it to her younger sibling. Since kids always want to move on before they have truly learned a subject, setting the older students up as tutors is a great way to have them master the subject without feeling bored or frustrated.
    Brian Lowe