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How did your 7th grader fare with the Iliad and the Odyssey?

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    How did your 7th grader fare with the Iliad and the Odyssey?

    We are continuing next year from 6th grade to the 7th grade package (with my 8th grader).

    I'd like to hear positive experiences so I can have a bit more confidence that she can handle both the workload and the material itself. Was the first semester's study and reading The Trojan War in 6th enough preparation for the Iliad reading in the second semester? Should I get the Homer DVD as well?

    She has read mythology for years and is very comfortable with the reading level in The Trojan War.

    I'm also curious how much class time you personally devoted to teaching/reviewing/preparing for the material and quizzes/tests that accompany the MP guide.

    Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.

    We are doing Illiad right now. My son is a very strong reader who has steeped himself in ancient history and literature for years. He has no trouble reading and understanding the book. He has no trouble answering the workbook questions. He really struggled with memorizing all the itty details needed for the test and finding time to do the extra projects like essays. I decided to forgo the quizzes and tests and just use the workbook to help with comprehension. I will not be using MP for high school. We use a very rigorous Catholic classics based program. They do Greek studies in 9th and Roman in 10th. So he will be studying these books then along with high school level analysis from a Catholic worldview. So I'm not stressing about testing the book now. It is enough for us to read and understand the story.
    For those that want to do the full blown course, it is a lot of work. More than an hour a day easily. It is very advanced work for a 12-13 yr old.
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      My seventh grade son is going through it right now. He is also a strong reader.

      I think as we studied for the test it spurred some great conversation. "Aren't you glad that the God you serve isn't able to be sweet talked in to something?"

      He's having no problems understanding the text. He is very aggravated by the detail/bore of some of the text thought. I can't blame him! So and so killed so and so, who by the way, was very rich and he was well known for having 3 daughters who... ... ... ... and now back to the story!

      The first test was very difficult. We did 3 days of intensive study/memorization. I really helped him to connect dots however between people as much as possible, and then to events, that helped tremendously.

      It is very doable for a 7th grader, but it will be a lot of work. We haven't done any of the essays either.


        Iliad and Odyssey in 7th

        I wanted to bump this thread and see if there are any more replies. I'm probably going to wait and do The Iliad and the Odyssey in the 9th grade as part of Kolbe's great books program. I used it with my oldest and was happy with the program.

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