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Lesson 19 with First Form Latin getting tough - hard for anyone else?

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    Lesson 19 with First Form Latin getting tough - hard for anyone else?

    My girls are taking Latin online and I'm just curious if other families doing First Form are finding Latin tougher and tougher each week?

    Lesson 19 is the place to stop and consolidate the knowledge of first and second declension endings (including 1/2D adjectives). The actual lesson for Lesson 19 is a bit of a novelty lesson (counting). I teach this course in a small group setting and I tell my students that after they learn to count ( ) to use this week to buckle down and MEMORIZE the 1D and 2D endings and vocabulary they've been slacking on!

    You see, it's been relatively easy for the students to keep the last few lessons in short-term memory. About lesson 19 it becomes obvious if a student has been cramming or mumbling without really storing the information long term. Not to depress you, but if your students are struggling at lesson 19, stop everything (!) and chant the first and second declension endings 5, 10, 20 times each day. Don't allow your students to just mumble along. Insist on crisp vowels and sharp consonants. Similarly, use the FF vocab cards and go through them (they can quiz each other) 3, 5, 10 times each day. GET THOSE WORDS MEMORIZED.

    Basically, you are receiving loud and clear signals to focus on Latin for a week. The Big Enormous Unit Test is coming up in Lesson 20. Next week, your student will be glad they began their review early.

    DS, 27 yrs, graduated from MIT (Aerospace)

    DS, 25 yrs, graduated from SIU's School of Business, ENGAGED!

    DD, 22 yrs, graduated from The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC; 2nd grade teacher.

    DS, 12 yrs, 8th grade; attends a private classical school, 7th - 12th.

    All homeschooled for some/all of their K-12 education.

    Me: retired after 16 years of continuous homeschooling. Ahhh....


      thanks so much for typing that. My children are in the online class with MP which is going great. The downside is it is easy to lose track of what's happening in there with everything else I have on my hs teaching plate.

      We will have some memorization games and drill to look forward to this lesson I see.

      I appreciate the warning for what is coming.