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Second Grade Enrichment?

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    Second Grade Enrichment?

    Tanya, does MP plan to give Second grade the same treatment as K and 1st in regard to the enrichment guide and the science/social studies reading package? If so, do you think it will be available for SY 2014/2015? I have a child who is always *just* head of what MP has fleshed out for the beginning of each SY. This year, for 1st, we had to use other materials since the First grade extras and enrichments weren't available until later in the year. What do you think for Second? Are there plans in the works for that level?

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    Hi, Jen.

    We do have a Second Grade Enrichment Guide in the works. It is halfway completed, and I anticipate that it will be ready by late summer. The teacher working on it doesn't get much done during the school year, but I really do think she will complete it this summer. And if it isn't perfect by the time you need it, we will always sell you a beta copy to get you started until it is totally ready.