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Happy New Year (and hello again!)

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    Happy New Year (and hello again!)

    Hi everyone, old and new, and Happy New Year!

    I have taken a big ol' break from the computer...but for a blessed reason: dd #7 arrived at the end of October, making us a family of 6 dd's and one very charming ds! Everything went well, but transitioning this time around knocked me back a bit. It seems the odd numbered ones are always harder for me to get a handle on!

    But I thought I would finally take a minute to check in, as we are having a nice break from school for all the holy days, and I am trying to get inspired to jump back into school next week.

    It has been great to be reading what I have missed, and we just got another fantastic magalog yesterday, which always gets my juices flowing again during our midyear lag. I love that MP tempts us with a gift card to if I need more temptation to want to buy MP books!!! Ugh!!!! ('s an awesome customer service!)

    I hope everyone has had a blessed holiday season, and I am hoping to keep up better now that we are coming out of the newborn fog!

    2019-2020 - 9th Year with MP
    DD, 19, Homeschool grad; Art major/philosophy minor
    DS, 16
    DD, 14
    DD, 12
    DD, 10
    DD, 8
    DD, 6
    DS, 2

    Happy New Year, Sarah! (and everyone )

    Congrats on your new daughter and glad to see you back...I didn't get my magalog yet...Maybe tomorrow...I did get my card though, and need to use it either today or tomorrow...

    Keep enjoying your "babymoon" Sarah!

    Homeschooling two boys
    DS -19 (9/00) Homeschool graduate, 2nd year in college
    DS -15 (9/04) (SN) MP Year 8 w/ FF Latin
    DS -13 (7/06) MP Year 8 w/ FF Latin



      Welcome back, and congratulations! We were just wondering where you were in the office on Tues. We have missed you!

      Good luck transitioning back into the role of teacher.