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Where do I begin MP with a 7th grader?

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    Where do I begin MP with a 7th grader?

    My son will be 7th grade next fall. I plan to finish out using our Sonlight Core E this year but am seriously considering switching to MP. We have mostly done Sonlight and Five in a Row. We have been light with language arts, just doing hodge podge of things with composition and grammar. He struggles with spelling and we have been using All About Spelling. He reads average. We use Math U See and Life of Fred for math and Apologia for science.

    So what do I use of MP, can we still use our math and spelling and science we are now?
    What subjects and what materials should I consider starting out with?

    Thanks for any advice.

    I am not an expert by any means, but I can tell you what we are doing with our seventh grader this year...

    We are starting over with MP next week...My seventh grader will do the 6th grade package, but with Latina Christina I instead of First Form...I thought an easier transition into Latin would be better for him than starting with First Form...He is also starting with Classical Composition Fable Stage for half the year, then the second book (can't remember the name) for the second half of the year...He will do only half of the Classical Composition books until he catches up, so he will cover four books in the next two years...We are holding off on Greek Studies for now until he has had at least a few years of Latin...My son is also an average reader, but has some difficulty with comprehension...The 6th grade package seems to be a better place to start Classical studies for older kids than the 7th grade package...He will get to study the Trojan War and Famous Men of Greece before moving on to reading Homer...

    If you are sticking with the math, science, and spelling you have been using, I would suggest getting the rest of the stuff from the 6th grade package...I would also add in the Poetry for the Grammar Stage and English Grammar Recitation...We are doing those as well...Rod & Staff English (the grammar book) is very thorough and should give a good grammar foundation if there are any gaps...The 6th grade book is challenging enough for a seventh grader...

    Don't worry about being behind MP's planned years...Several people do the 7th grade package as their 9th grade year...I am okay with my oldest only going as far as MP 11th grade year (if it is even in existence by then) for his senior year...

    I am sure others and MP staff will chime in after the holidays have passed...

    Good luck with whatever you decide and keep us posted

    Homeschooling two boys
    DS -21 (9/00) Homeschool graduate, in college
    DS -17 (9/04) (SN)
    DS -15 (7/06)


      Thanks Tahara for your input and sharing what you are doing. That is helpful to sort of see what others are doing.

      After looking at the site for a couple days and pouring over the catalog, I am thinking of this:

      Latin - not sure about starting with LC 1 or First Form

      Classical Studies -My son will really enjoy these and we have had little exposure so I was going to just start with Greek Myths and work from there. I was hoping we could do more than just one a year. Is it possible to do Greek Myths and Famous Men of Rome in half a year if it was the main thing we did? Is that going too fast? I just think my son will really enjoy these books and I think it is something he needs.

      Literature - I was going to just pick and choose from the 3rd and 4th grade until we hit Famous Men of Middle Ages and than do the Literature 5 package. I think he will enjoy Farmer Boy, The Moffats and Lion Witch and the Wardrobe for a start until we get to the literature 5 books.

      Christian Studies 1

      Geography 1

      Classical Composition Fable

      English Grammar Workbook (just not sure which one)

      Is that all too low? Is this doable? Am I leaving something out?

      I was thinking by 9th grade we would be doing the 7th grade stuff. I really wanted to go through all the classical studies and most of the literature studies and enjoy those.

      I would be continuing with MUS and LOF, Apologia science and All About Spelling.

      I was thinking of starting Logic in 8th grade, just because all this other stuff will be new.
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        Hello, and welcome!

        Tahara's advice is very good. And your thoughts for your son are on target too. I just want to clarify a few of your remaining concerns.

        First, LCI is an introductory course that teaches 10 vocabulary words and a new grammar form each week. It gets through 2 noun declensions and 3 verb tenses in 4 conjugations. First Form also teaches 10 vocabulary words a week, but it covers all 5 noun declensions and 6 verb tenses in 2 conjugations. FF has a lot more written work than LCI, really nailing mastery of the concepts being taught. I tell you all of this to help you make a decision about what would be best for your student. Some students do better with a slower start, needing to build confidence before diving in too deep. You will know best what works for your child. Our English Grammar Recitation is tied loosely to the Latin, Year 1 corresponding with LCI. But if you decide to do FF, I would still begin with English Grammar Workbook I. There are a lot of rules in there that you don't want to miss!

        I think that doing Greek mythology one semester and FMR the second semester is a great plan. You will need to do 2 lessons a week in order to accomplish this, and that should take around 2 1/2 - 3 hrs. a week.

        I like your literature plan too. You really have worked this out beautifully for your son, and I anticipate a great year!

        We'll be glad to help whenever questions come up as you begin our curriculum!




          Thanks so much Tanya for the encouragement! I also appreciate the extra information about LC1, FF and the English Grammar Workbook. You really cleared some of that up for me to make a decision.

          I am looking forward to using Memoria Press, very exciting!