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New here, and starting midway...

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    New here, and starting midway...

    I just ordered my first Memoria Press materials about an hour ago, and amazingly I already have a shipping notice. That's pretty great service!

    I ordered the Junior K package, but I am looking at packages for the older grades. I am wondering how smooth the transition is when starting later? I have a ten year old, eight year old, and six year old, in addition to the pre-K child. I'm particularly wondering about Latin--if you have a child who who has never studied Latin, where should they start? What about grammar and writing programs? For math I would likely stick with what we are already doing.
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    What grades are you thinking of putting the 10, 8 and 6 year old children in?...I ask because my boys are 10 in the 4th grade, 8 in the 2nd grade, and 6 in kindergarten, but I know every family is different...

    My middle son is 9 and is in third grade...He is starting Latin with Latina Christiana I because he will do the 3rd grade package...My oldest is doing the 6th grade package, but is also starting with Latina Christiana I...My youngest is 7 and doing the 1st grade package, so he won't start Latin until next year...He will start with Prima Latina...

    If your 8 year old is a third grader, he/she may be able to start with Latina Christiana I with the 10 year old...Some start with First Form for people older than 3rd grade, but I prefer Latina Christiana as a starting point...I have both here at home and find Latina to be an easier transition into Latin studies, while First Form is great for someone who has already had some kind of Latin...

    I am not an expert by any means (my all the time disclaimer), but I hope this helps...

    Homeschooling two boys
    DS -19 (9/00) Homeschool graduate, 2nd year in college
    DS -15 (9/04) (SN) MP Year 8 w/ FF Latin
    DS -13 (7/06) MP Year 8 w/ FF Latin



      Tahara's advice is the same as I would give. Latina Christiana I is a great introduction to Latin for your 10 and 8 year old students. Then, the following year, you would begin First Form with them. Your 6 year old needs to master reading before delving into Latin. Our curriculum places students in Prima Latina in 2nd grade, but many teachers prefer to wait until 3rd grade to start Latin, and that is perfectly fine.

      Our English Grammar Recitation program is a supplement to our Latin programs. It introduces 150 grammar rules over the course of 5 years. Year 1 is the Latina Christiana year, so if you wanted to do that program alongside your LCI studies with your oldest 2 children, that would be a perfect fit. You could really leave them together with writing too. You could start with Introduction to Composition this year, and transition into Classical Composition the next year.

      Another subject they could do together would be classical studies. If they have never studied Greek mythology, that would be an ideal place to start, using our D'Aulaires' Greek Myths program.




        Thank you for the replies. My ten and eight year olds have birthdays right around the cut off dates for schools in our area, so grade placement isn't obvious. My solution has been to school year round with the idea of transitioning to a new grade with the new year rather than in the fall. That would have them going into third and fifth grade this month. That said, I'm not sure how much specific grade level matters other than for math, and for math I plan to just keep doing what we are doing.

        I do like the idea of keeping them together for some subjects. Tanya, I have seen you suggest in other posts that a parent put together a list of materials and email for a package quote. I think that is what I may do for the older two. We haven't exactly done a study of Greek myths but we have the d'Aulaires book as well as some others and I think both older kids are pretty familiar with the myths. If we consider Greek Myths to be covered, what would you recommend? Also, I have a copy of the Golden Children's Bible that you use. Do you think with multiple children I would need more than one?

        I may just get the K package for my six year old. She just barely turned six. She is reading simple CVC words and really hasn't done any formal math yet.



          You can send an email to with a list of the books you would like to purchase, and we'll put together a package price for you.

          Since your students are familiar with Greek mythology, I would take a slower approach and spend the year on Famous Men of Rome, letting them immerse themselves in Roman history. It will be better for the 3rd grader to move slower (lots of odd names and places), and I feel like it will be plenty challenging for your 5th grader. Then, the following year, you can do the Middle Ages.

          I agree that the K program is best for your youngest student.

          How's that sound?