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Schedule with curriculum for multiple children?

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    Schedule with curriculum for multiple children?

    I am a new homeschool mom this year and am not happy with my current curriculum. It lacks the academics I feel my children need. I am looking into changing to MP, however, I am feeling very overwhelmed with the time required to do it! I was not homeschooled, nor taught a classical education. As a mom with a home and family to take care of I am wondering how to juggle it all. My 4 kids ages 9, 7, 5 and 3, need constant guidance and I am wondering if there is a tangible and realistic schedule I can go by using MP for all of them? Do any of you use MP with multiple children at such young ages? I love the richness of the curriculum, I'm just wondering if it is a possibility for our family...

    Yes, it is very much possible! We use the curriculum packages from MP, and our children are ages 11 (5th), 9 (3rd), 6 (1st), 4 (preK) and 1. It takes discipline and order on my part, but we often do our school work between the hours of 8:30am and 2 or 3pm. The younger boys are done earlier, of course. The poky-puppy in the family (the 9 yr old) is sometimes still doing work until dinner time or beyond -- this is a result of him screwing around, not the curriculum. We're working on this issue with him.

    I generally don't have any electronic devices on while I'm schooling in order to minimize distractions, and I don't get much housework done during that time other than a load or two of laundry if I'm lucky.

    I've found it extremely helpful in having my oldest enrolled in MP's online Latin classes the past two years, as well as the FM of the Middle Ages class this year. I plan to have my two oldest both do their Latin classes online next year... in part because I don't know Latin, but mostly because it frees up my time to work with the younger kids and because I am so impressed with the level of instruction in the online class.
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      I will be doing MP packages with three children starting in January...I say go for it!

      One thing that I am planning to do is to do as much of the workbook work as I can orally...It is so much faster to have someone tell you an answer (in a complete sentence) than to write it out...The boys will get plenty of writing in the writing portions of the curriculum, but what can be done orally will be done orally by us...I am also planning one read aloud at a time for everyone...I will choose different books from each of the three levels we will be doing here, and I will also substitute some selections for books we already have that I want to read to them...I have the levels here at home, so I have been looking through them and trying to get a feel for what is doable for us...

      A choice for you could also be to start with the oldest children, and wait to do pre K with your youngest...We do K at 6 years old in this house, but I know every family and every child is different...

      Let us know what you decide, and if you are planning on a January start, or if you will wait until summer or fall...

      Good luck with your decision :-)

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        Thank you both so much for your suggestions! I was thinking along the same lines of combining reading and will look through the curriculum as soon as I get it this week. We plan to start right away with everything and try to get caught up by next fall. Not sure if it is possible, but we'll do our best!