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    FFL Appendices

    Both of my children are going through FFL this year. One is in an on line course and the other does Independent Study. They just learn differently. My IS student doesn't even like to watch the dvd, but I make her do it every now and again as we drive in the car!

    I am just wondering how to add in the information in the appendices? Is that info available in a lesson plan?
    We have gone through Analytical Grammar and are familiar with sentence patterns etc, but I'd just like to know how to use that resource a little better.

    How much time would it take to add in Lingua Angelica? I thought it might be too much so I didn't order it, but now I am wondering. We did all the prayers in Prima Latina a few years ago and it didn't seem overwhelming, but then PL was a very gentle start to latin.

    I am also planning to purchase a workbook for myself. I figured I might as well learn too!

    I know it's Christmas this week, so I'm not looking for a quick reply.


    The Appendices in FF are for reference. If your students are fluent in sentence structure and diagramming, you may not need to refer to them much. But if your students get confused when diagramming Latin sentences in their workbooks, the Appendices can be a big help. Just use them as you need them.

    Lingua Angelica in FF is a supplement that won't take much of your time. At this point in your students' Latin grammar, they won't know a lot of the grammar forms or vocabulary, but you can talk about what they do know. When I was teaching, I would write a prayer or song on the board (usually after our Fri. quiz), and we would talk about the vocabulary and grammar forms they knew, and fill in the words they didn't know. Then, we would recite it together. It was a nice break from FF and gave them a taste of translation with no pressure.

    Merry Christmas,