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    I am almost ready to take the plunge with MP, but I am still hesitant. One question I have is about starting mid-year. I have been homeschooling this year (for the first time) with a different curriculum. That curriculum was abysmal to say the least. I feel like I would rather start at the beginning of the year again and just go straight through, rather than picking up in December/January of another curriculum set. Is that a good idea with this curriculum? Do you have it date specific or holiday specific? I only have one child who is school age, and he is in 1st grade. I'm planning on doing some school through the summer as well, so I should have "catch up" time. I have so many other questions, but I'm not sure how to articulate them at the moment. Just feeling a bit overwhelmed I suppose.

    I'm behind you but can just comment on what I've seen with Junior Kindergarten and Kinder. As for seasonal it does seem to be set for starting in August or September, but if you skip or switch the holiday read it seems to be able to drift well. That it what I have seen so far. The one other thing in kinder I noticed is as we are starting advent with copywork and the Numbers Book (the color by number is a Christmas tree). Doing those things randomly in the year wouldn't bug me and I'd just rotate the copybook assignment like the literature choice.

    I'm guessing first grade will be similar. If it were me I'd either take the rest of the year to unit study or geography theme fun reads and research with lots of snuggily read allude. OR jump right in with MP maybe with a combination or a slight rush or moving around reads with seasonal themes and calmly continuing into the summer as if I planned it that way all along.
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      Hi, Colette.

      As Cherry Blossom has told you, our curriculum does have some seasonal read-aloud books in it, but they are easily switched around. The literature/enrichment portion of our program does stand alone, so it is easy to switch out the seasonal selections. The core curriculum of reading & phonics, penmanship, and math are not tied to the seasons. I do believe you should start at the beginning of our 1st grade curriculum and work through it at your son's pace. It would be a better way to adjust to the change, as well as an opportunity for your son to gain mastery and confidence as he moves forward. I find a slow-paced approach to work better for young students, especially boys. If it appears too easy for him, just accelerate your pace. You won't have any problem starting in Jan. rather than Sept. Lots of homeschoolers are on a different schedule that varies from the traditional, but that is just one more reason you homeschool - for the flexibility!




        Doing the same

        Hello Colette,
        Just wanted to mention that we are doing the same- switching curriculum providers 'mid- year'. We were transitioning to MP anyway, but it became evident this fall that we needed to make the full switch from our previous materials right away. So, we are starting the year over in January with Memoria Press, and we are starting from the beginning even though we technically did a half- year of each grade with the other curriculum. There can be a bit of a learning curve with a new program, and I agree with Tanya that taking it slowly is wise. We are also just going to school from January to December rather than following the typical US school calendar.

        It can all be very overwhelming at first. Please do ask if you have other questions.



          Thank you all so much! I really think that's what we will do then.


            We started K in the fall and it got too hard. I slowed things waay down and we are up and running at normal pace again. The holidays are off but it truly is no big deal.

            I am so pleased with MP, do it do it do it


              switched mid-year

              Just wanted to chime in here. We also switched to MP mid-year. I'm doing the grade 2 pkg. prg. w/ a boy, and I agree w/ what Tanya said. We just started from the beginning and are going at the pace that he leads. Depending on what curriculum you are coming from, MP has high, some would say advanced, standards and expectations. There is a lot of writing, but w/modification to meet your child's particular needs, the transition should be smooth. For example, my child, typical of many boys, does NOT like to write. To meet him where he is at developmentally where writing is concerned, I modified how we use the lit. guides in the following way�Either I read the vocab. and questions aloud, or he reads them to me, he answers them orally, and I write his answer on the white board. He copies what I write for him. For the comprehension questions, we do the same thing with the first two or three questions, but the rest I allow him to just answer orally in complete sentences and we don't do any more writing for that lesson. I plan to gradually increase the amt. of writing as we move through the year and I feel he is ready to take on more in that area. I should note that we also modified the gr. 2 pkg. to begin w/ cursive I and manuscript copywork. We are working the cursive at 1/2 speed, basically I add an extra week of practice using MP's extra cursive practice sheets (they come as a PDF when you purchase the pkg), before we move on to the next letter. This slower pace on all things involving handwriting is working much better for him.
              I also made a quick checklist in excel w/ boxes for each of our subjects (basically mirrors the schedule in the curriculum guide) and slipped it into a page protector. He uses a dry-erase marker to check off each subject as we complete it. It allows him some control to see what is coming up next and how close he is to completing the school day. As we are moving along, I'm noticing the materials have a pretty predictable format at this age, so that helps too, b/c he knows, at least in general, what's going to be required as far as workload.
              Another difference I have seen in our new MP materials is the way they handle the literature reading at this age, scheduling in days to re-read the same chapters from earlier in the week. At first I was not sure about re-reading and my son balked at the idea b/c he did not want to re-read the same material. I told him we would "try it out" anyway just to see how it goes, and if he still felt the same way in a couple weeks, we could revisit the objection. It ends up he actually likes doing this now, and I have noticed a big improvement in how he reads aloud, and comprehends what he is reading in just a few weeks time. Anyway, we are very happy w/ the move, and look forward to completing the rest of the year. Hope your transition is just as smooth.


                In love!!!

                I just received my curriculum in the mail, and I am IN LOVE! Thank you for all the suggestions and encouragement. I think I'm finally done "spinning my wheels!" What a relief for me!


                  I am glad you like it and that you will start in January...I have a first grade son starting MP in January as well...

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