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How to teach multiple students?

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    How to teach multiple students?

    How and what do I teach to multiple children? We start Prima Latina with 2nd grader in Fall. Do I include younger siblings or wait until they reach 2nd grade? How do I teach different levels to 4 different children at the same time? Help!

    Teaching Multi-Level Latin


    I'm not sure the level of all your students, but here is an approach to teaching muliple levels that is somewhat based on the schedule at Highlands Latin School.

    In a large group setting, begin with instruction for the youngest learner. Let the older students sit through and participate as review. First, begin with sayings, prayers and songs. Everyone recites the ones they have learned. Don't stop until all levels are covered.

    Next, recite grammar forms. Allow younger learners to participate if they want.

    Finally, introduce new vocabulary and review older vocabulary, beginning with words chosen from the lowest level. Work up to vocabulary at highest level. At any time you can have younger students drop out and go on to other work or allow them to sit and listen. Your choice.

    At this point, grammar and translation exercises can be assigned and worked on independently. This way, even a child using Henle I can participate.

    The time spent is longest for the oldest learners. All students have their own Latin notebook in which they record Sayings, Prayers, Songs; Vocabulary; Grammar; Deriviatives; Exercises and Tests. The time varies, of course, but can easily be 1 - 1 1/2 hours.

    If you are using Classical Studies along with your Latin studies, everyone can also be present for the reading of Famous Men of Rome, D'Aulaire's Greek Myths and the Golden Children's Bible.

    Hope this helps....

    ~Becky Summers


      Teaching multiple students

      I think Becky's answer was excellent.

      I have four children as well (10,9,7 & 2). I am doing LC1 with the 10 and 9 yo, and PL with the 7 year old. I don't officially include the 2 year old in Latin studies, but I am delighted that she just picks it up by being in the room. She goes around the house singing Latin verb chants. The foundation is being laid and it will be ever so much easier to teach her (formally) when she is ready.
      If you have younger children, they will benefit from just being in the room.

      HTH, Nanci


        A question for Becky & Nanci~

        So if I want to begin Latin studies with my 2nd, 4th & 8th graders, would I do PL with the younger two and LC with the older one while following Becky's method? Would PL be too easy or "babyish" for the 8th grader? I have no latin experience and was originally going to get the PL DVDs for this coming year.


          Teaching multiple students

          It really depends on your 8th grader. He/she might wiz through it, getting loads of confidence.
          This might help you to decide though- everything that is found in PL is repeated again in LC1.
          I wish you all the best. I know you will be able to handle teaching Latin. Memoria Press has done such an excellent job that you really can't "mess up" even if you have no Latin experience at all.