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Patterns of Nature in 2nd Grade?

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    Patterns of Nature in 2nd Grade?

    I noticed on the Highlands Latin site that Rod and Staff's Patterns of Nature is listed for second grade science. Are there any plans to add this to the 2nd grade Memoria Press curriculum?

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      Sorry for the delay. I've been waiting for the school to tell me what they do. We dropped Patterns of Nature at one time, but now the teachers are adding it back as a supplement to go along with our social studies and science enrichment. They use the book as it applies to their activities throughout the year. The teacher who is writing our Second Grade Enrichment Guide will incorporate it as a resource, telling you specifically where to use it, and it will be included in our 2nd grade Social Studies and Science Resource Kit. But I'm not anticipating that second grade will be completed until summer. She is working on it through the school year, but the going is slow now that she is teaching. I know that she will be able to totally tie it up this summer though. She made a lot of progress last summer, so she has a good start!




        Hi Tanya,

        I am just curious if I should purchase Rod and Staff's Patterns of Nature for the fall. Has a decision been made as to whether this will be added to the 2nd grade science and enrichment guide? I think most of the other books I will be able to get from the library, but this looks really good.




          We haven't settled on a complete list of second grade enrichment books yet, but I know that our teachers use Patterns of Nature some in their classrooms now, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it included. I hope to have a solid list by the end of summer.

          Paul Schaeffer
          Academy Director
          Memoria Press Online Academy