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    More subjects put to video

    I was wondering if there were any future plans to put any subjects of the younger grades to video (1st-3rd)?

    I have a 3rd and 1st grader, and we use all MP. I also have two preschool aged children. Its just difficult to teach them, drill them on information they need to have memorized with the younger ones. I have the Latin DVD. I was just wondering if MP thought to do teaching videos for other harder subjects (like Astronomy!) ....

    Amy S.

    Hi, Amy.

    We would love to incorporate more teaching dvds, especially for the more difficult subjects. It is just very time-consuming to get it done, and we are limited in our video capabilities. But we are making progress. Currently, we are nearing completion on dvds that teach the Iliad and Classical Composition: Narrative Stage. And we are in the recording phase of the Chreia/Maxim. Our main problem is that we don't have any teachers over here during the school year. I have tried to tape within classrooms, but that doesn't work very well either. We are doing our best though, and we will continue to move forward with these projects!




      I agree!

      Just wanted to chime in that we'd love more videos as well, and we plan on buying all of the ones you can put out! :-) Thanks for working so hard on it! It really helps those of us that are balancing several kids.


        I vote for math DVDs. Those would be a HUGE help for me.
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          Amy! We should talk. I'm in the same boat trying to juggle two littles. We've made a lot of progress this year and are doing a better job than last year with getting everything covered. Not sure how to contact you off-list, so here' my email: familyswing at gmail dot com
          If anyone can tell me how to send private messages within the forum, that too would be helpful!
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