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Fun idea for reinforcing Latin verb endings

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    Fun idea for reinforcing Latin verb endings

    We came up with a fun and creative way to practice and remember the verb endings. We actually made it for learning verb endings for Elementary Greek, but it will work just as well with Latin verb endings.

    We made a giant die (singular of dice) as per the instructions on this website out of a half gallon milk carton. Then on each of the 6 sides, we put one of the verb endings. (-o,
    -s, -t, -mus, -tus, -nt
    We roll the die, then someone calls out a verb and the child has to put the ending on the verb and say what it means. The dice are nice and sturdy and big enough to write on and definitely non-chokable for the little ones.
    A different cube could be made for different verb tenses.

    I know many of you, like us, are doing both Greek and Latin.
    I know I appreciate all the creative ideas from other homeschoolers on this site.
    Have fun!


    What a fun idea, thanks for sharing!