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    Latina Christiana Grammar Charts

    I am a homeschooling mom teaching Latin to a small group of students,(grades 3rd-7th). We are currently on Lesson 12 of LC1. I would like to invest in some of the grammar posters. I was considering purchasing the
    LC 1 poster set, but now I'm wondering if I should get the LC 2 poster set instead, or do I need BOTH sets for a complete set?

    Thank you for any direction you may offer.

    LC Charts Comparison

    The LC I Charts contain only the grammar taught in LC I. The LC II charts contain the grammar from both LC I & LC II.

    You could just buy the LC II charts and have everything you need. However, it is nice to use the LC I charts at first because they don't confuse the students with extra grammar forms. It isn't that the LC II charts are cluttered; but they do contain a lot of additional information the students don't need yet.