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3rd grade marh rod and staff schedule questions

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  • lorisuewho
    I'm doing the 3rd grade math, but I don't have the MP schedule, so take this for what it is worth.

    At first, the worksheets confused me. Then someone pointed out to me that there were directions for using the worksheets at the front of the Teacher Answer Key for the worksheets. It says there is generally one worksheet per lesson for lessons 25-164. It also says that these worksheets provide advanced practice to help 3rd graders.

    The blacklines are mentioned in the side notes on the main teacher manual when they are available. They are for extra practice on topics that might be difficult.

    And, as someone else mentioned, the blank boxes on the speed drills are for practicing the missed/incorrect problems. One row for each missed problem.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Kargo
    We are going through 3rd grade R&S math this year also. There are no scheduled assignments in the lesson plans for blacklines but there are assignments in the R&S teacher guide with individual lessons. I think they should be used as a supplement if your child needs more practice on a particular concept. So, if you need extra work, you have it and if not, I wouldn't use them.

    On the speed drills, I use the front for writing the correct problem and solution of any incorrect answers they had during the speed drill. I have them to write a whole line of boxes of that single incorrect problem (corrected, of course) to help retain the correct answer. Does that make sense?

    Hope that helps

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  • 3rd grade marh rod and staff schedule questions

    I have 3rd grade math and the schedule but I can't figure out when to assign the worksheets or the blacklines. Also, what does the child fill into the boxes on the first side of the speed drill pages. Thanks
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