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Need help planning for next year as we're switching to MP

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    Need help planning for next year as we're switching to MP


    We were currently in year 2 (Creation to Greeks) of My Father's World this past year. We made it halfway through and stopped before starting with the Greeks. With VBS and summer camps, it is hard to continue school during Jun and July. We started late last year as I had a baby by cesarean in late July. Thank goodness for our co-op, we had something consistent for science and various classes once a week, lol. That being said, it was hard to keep up and we are far behind. We were using Latina Christina 1 but up to lesson 5. I want Latin to be more prevalent in our education and started reading the MP forums. I also like the Famous Men series and want to use those. I decided to switch to MP. I had started using their products when I first started homeschooling my dear sons (1st and 3rd grade), but they did not want to do the writing in the literary guides and I felt is was too hard. Then we did a year on Amanda Bennet's Unit studies, though they were neat I felt that wasn't the direction I wanted. Then I discovered MFW, it is a great program, but I remember Mr. Hazell said that Latin shouldn't be taught till kids were older and yet, I still wanted to teach it. Also, I felt tied to their guide, didn't apply half their suggestions, and felt that I was doing a lot of reading, yet my boys were not doing a lot of learning. I need something more structured and where I can separate the boys so they can do more independent work. I also want them to have a classical education. I have recently read The Well-Trained Mind, and hope to read The Latin-Centered Curriculum, and Climbing Parnassus soon.

    My boys are going into 4th & 6th grades. We did Prima Latina the prior year, and started have started Latina Christina I. We still need to cover The Greeks through US History. We have been reading The Children's Homer, D'aulair's Greek Myths, and Blackships before Troy this summer. My 4th grader I plan on doing Romans all year, start LCI over, get the MP 3rd grade poetry, grammar recitation, and Composition. For lit, Farmer's boy, Charlotte's Web, The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, and Lassie.

    My 6th grader I am struggling with as I want him to be on track to start the 7th grade set in 7 th grade. I also want to do the Famous Men of the renaissance and Reformation by Greenleaf Press. So should I have him do Romans for 12 weeks, Medieval for 12, and the RR for 12; then in 7th grade do FMoG along with Mill's books? Also, would I still need to do the Trojan War if we read Blackships before Troy and the Children's Homer? What about lit, I was planning on doing two from 5th grade and two from 6th, which books would be best? He is not a strong writer yet. I will start him on Fables as he will finish Writing Strands 3.

    Thank you for your help, and sorry so long, I may have so more questions later, as I think I have forgotten some

    Thanks again,


    I feel like you have a good plan for your 4th grader, but I'm afraid you are biting off too much for the 6th grader to complete in one year. He still has plenty of time left, and you don't really need to rush through this rich material. If you want to do our 7th grade curriculum next year, I would take a semester to do Famous Men of Rome and the second semester to do Famous Men of the Middle Ages in 6th grade. Then, in 7th grade, he will complete Dorothy Mills' Book of the Ancient Greeks before reading Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. Then, in 8th grade, your student will study Rome again with Mills' Book of the Ancient Romans before reading Homer. And our 8th grade literature includes a review of Medieval history, so that will be covered again too.

    You do not need to read The Trojan War if your student has already read Black Ships Over Troy and The Children's Homer. He will have a good understanding of the story from those. And for literature, I would let him choose the selections he would like to study from our 5th-6th grade guides. They are all good, and I like to give students a choice when possible (and when all the choices are win-win!).

    You can actually do a semester of the Fable Stage and a semester of the Narrative Stage with a 7th grader. We offer a discounted set of these books for older beginning students.