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    Hello folks!

    I wanted to share something that has been working for us as we go through a brief summer pause (everyone got only two weeks off) and that might be of help to those with multiple grades going at once.

    In years past, I always set a date to begin school, and let the kids get nice and bored leading up to that date However, this year, not only did we finish later than usual, but everyone finished up at different times. To add to things, I had to restrict my activity for a bit due to a pregnancy complication (which has now resolved, praise God!) All these factors led me to decide two things....we would only take a short break and jump right back in, but also, I would try staggering when everyone started. Since they finished on different weeks, they were on different weeks of break, so they are starting separately.

    This decision has turned out to be a great one for us. Normally, the first week is filled with so many questions from everyone, and so much need for attention from me, that it feels overwhelming. By contrast, this year I started my second grader all by herself and was able to give her really focused attention for her first two weeks. Both of us feel that she has a handle on her new subjects, I know what she can do independently, and her adjustment to the new level of expectations is going really well.

    During her second week, I also started my fifth grader, who is normally one of my grumps about school. He also has adjusted really well, and by only having two weeks off, he has not lost his rhythm for school. We changed how he is doing Latin, and it has made him a much happier camper. I think it even surprised him how quickly he got bored with his time off, especially with this heat we have been having!

    Next week I will be starting my seventh and my third who is as calm as can be, and the other who will need more one on one to get over the it should work out well, I think.

    It has taken me a mental shift to get over the fact they will be on different weeks in their planners, but the peacefulness of our start has more than made up for that one sacrfice of my type A personality!

    I hope everyone has a great start to the year as well!

    16th Year HSing; 10th Year with MP
    DD, 19, Homeschool grad; college sophomore
    DS, 17
    DD, 15
    DD, 13
    DD, 11
    DD, 9
    DD, 7
    DS, 2

    That is such a good idea! I staggered my older 2 by two weeks. My reasoning was so S, to whom all things academic come easily, could help J for whom academics are tougher. It worked great... until they caught up with each other.
    The Homeschool Grads:
    J- 6/96
    S- 11/98

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