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So excited!

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    So excited!

    Guess what my sweet husband will be bringing home to me in an hour?

    My MP 2nd grade package!


    I'll be teaching Rachel 2nd grade, as well as the boys. They are five - we started with Junior K last year (I LOVE that program), but we did not finish. I was consumed with going toe to toe with my strong willed child. (the now 2nd grader) ARGH.

    We will go through the JrK this year, at their pace, and hopefully move on to K in the late spring. And .... I'll be trying to keep a newly walking toddler out of the crayons.

    If anyone has tips on homeschooling multiple children/ages, I'd love to hear them. I spent most of my mental energy last year trying to keep Rachel on task, so I let the boys just play. They need more of my focus this year, but I'm not sure how to juggle all of this.
    Plans for 2021-22

    Year 11 of homeschooling with MP

    DD1 - 26 - Small Business owner with 2 locations
    DD2 - 15 - 10th grade - HLS Cottage School/MPOA/True North Academy/Vita Beata - equestrian
    DS3 - 13 -6A Cottage School - soccer/tennis -dyslexia and dysgraphia
    DS4 - 13 - 6A Cottage School -soccer -auditory processing disorder
    DD5 - 9 - 4A, Cottage School/MPOA -equestrian
    DS6 - 7 - MPK - first time at the Cottage School this fall!