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Need help Managing multiple children using several grade level packages

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    Need help Managing multiple children using several grade level packages

    I am curious how moms of many manage several different grades. I have five children I am teaching, two of which have special needs. Thanks, Susan

    Hi there! We are expecting our seventh child, have one toddler running around, and we are schooling five, three of whom ar very compliant, but two of whom are a daily struggle! There are a lot of us on here though so you'll probably hear from them soon!

    16th Year HSing; 10th Year with MP
    DD, 19, Homeschool grad; college sophomore
    DS, 17
    DD, 15
    DD, 13
    DD, 11
    DD, 9
    DD, 7
    DS, 2


      Multiple levels

      Hi Susan,
      Some days it is going to feel like you are the circus act where you have to keep all the plates spinning. The great thing about the lesson plans is that it eliminates most of your prep time and keeps you focused. For my primary level and special needs kids I keep all of the books for that grade level in one stacking bin that can be moved to where I need to work with them. A whole lot of reading aloud, giving spelling tests, and just teaching in general had to take place wherever I was nursing the baby. And if someone was distracting his siblings, it was easy to grab the bin and exile him to a new location. The older kids could pretty much follow the lesson plans on their own, and I let them know which parts had to be done with me.
      If you lay out the curriculum guides for that week and put a little red asterisk next to anything that you are going to be one-on-one with a child for it to be completed, you get some idea of where your time needs to be spent. You can also figure out what you are going to have to bump to another day. My kindergartener was always fine with us finishing up on the weekends whatever was left over, since I mainly worked with her and my special needs son in the afternoons. (I would have them do independent work in the mid-morning.) So the 10 and 8 year old would be finished, the high schooler still studying, and I would switch back and forth between the two afternoon students. This way the kids that were finished could help entertain the preschooler and baby.
      It's never perfect. But somehow the learning takes place and the meals get eaten and the kids have not staged a mutiny. (Although I'm watching the middle one carefully, because he is generally plotting something and about five minutes away from his next apology.)
      Hope that made sense. I typed some of it while my six year old was "healing" a small scrape on my leg using a variety of wooden blocks and beads and the wheel from a toy car.

      Dd16, Ds 13, Ds 10, Ds 8, Dd 6, Ds 4, Dd 14 mos.


        Need help managing multiple children using several grade level packages

        Thanks for all the help. I will likely order the grade level packages soon.