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Audio & Questions for Horatius at the Bridge

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    Audio & Questions for Horatius at the Bridge

    I want to do this poem with my rising 6th grader. I plan to buy the study guide - does that have a weekly breakdown in it or learning/teaching helps? Can someone recommend a good audio version (esp. one that works with the MP text)? My eldest son especially is a strong audio learner. Failing an MP3/audio version, maybe a youtube video? I'm really looking forward to memorizing this, even though it will be a big step up in length.

    Did you have your child continue other poetry work? I see MP's poetry is through 6th grade, and I'd like to continue to memorize our poems from Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization (IEW).

    Does anyone do this as a group? If I had the younger kids memorize a few stanzas, will that make it harder to learn the whole poem later on or easier? (The Amazon preview had a few options shown, one was only 6 stanzas which I'd love to have my youngest son learn, since we read the story in Fifty Famous Stories Retold by Baldwin.)

    Self-educating focusing on Latin & good books. John 8:32
    Homeschooling: Jonathan (10), David (9), Andrew (7), and Anna (3)

    The study guide has teaching guidelines at the beginning that break the ballad down into sections which can be taught in 20-30 minutes. However, it does not break it down into weeks. If you want lesson plans like that, you would have to purchase our 6th grade classical studies lesson plans (they include the plans for Horatius, Famous Men of Greece, and an appendix) which can be done over the phone for $8.

    As for a recording, we do not have anything here, but there are a lot of recordings on YouTube.

    I would have the younger children memorize portions--it will only make it easier later on.

    Our students still memorize Bible verses while they are memorizing Horatius. It also depends on how much time you will dedicate to this. We require every student in the class to memorize at least 24 stanzas over 7 weeks. If they choose to memorize the 70 stanzas, generally they start earlier on their own time (which means that they are doing it alongside typical poetry and Bible memorization the class does).

    I hope this helps,
    Paul Schaeffer
    Academy Director
    Memoria Press Online Academy