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NAC vs. Italic

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    NAC vs. Italic

    We're eyeing the 1st and 3rd grade packages for this fall... I'm wondering, though, about the handwriting program. Our 8yo son has been learning Italic (the almost-6yo son hasn't started any handwriting program yet), and it has gone very smoothly. I prefer the look of Italic to NAC, but am curious about the possible benefits of true cursive and whether we should consider switching over. Are there any real advantages to NAC over Italic, or is it just a matter of personal preference?
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    Iris Hatfield, author New American Cursive Penmanship Program

    Some of the advantages of New American Cursive are speed and fluidity. Studies show NAC students write 37% faster than the average second grade student. The connectivity, fluidity, and simplicity of NAC allows the writer to get his or her thoughts on the paper easier. This in turn increases attention span and encourages greater amounts of writing.

    Example, write three of the lower case printed letter "e" then write three of the cursive letter "e".

    Kind regards,
    Iris Hatfield


      I think either is fine. Connected Italics is just as fast as American cursive, whatever style you pick. We use New South Wales Italic curisve because my boys taught it to themselves, every letter connects, and it is the way dh and I both write. Dh (who is from the UK) and my main beef with American cursive is the way the capitals are made and many lowercase letters not resembling their print counterparts at all {Z for one, lowercase b for another). Any style where every letter connects is faster than pick up your pencil-put it down printing. If your kids are comfortable with one style of cursive, there really isn't any reason to switch.
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        I agree - if it's working don't rock the boat. We've tried several fonts (italic & cursive), and I regret switching my older boys. At least I've learned a few things that my younger 2 will benefit from. Anyway, I've really been emphasizing beauty in their handwriting, over speed. Today we type so much, it seems to me we can take the time and have attractive writing. So we talk about how we can write a beautiful letter to their Great-Grandma (who is not online), or labeling drawings in our nature journals, or a fancy treasure map, etc.
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