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    Very late to the thread, but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents: We HS year-round with breaks when choose. Our "school year" runs from the last Sunday before August 1st to the last Saturday before August 1st. We have lots of family birthdays at the beginning of August, so our year actually begins with a 1-2 week holiday for birthday celebrations (DS's bday is one of them). We take a week at Thanksgiving, 2-3 weeks for Christmas & New Year, then another week in March for my birthday (also a nice spring break time). We typically take a week sometime late in May to put in the garden, then we scatter days/weeks here & there as we feel.

    Up until this past spring we have had 4 day weeks, but DS wanted to try taking a "typical" summer break this year. I agreed on the condition that we would switch to a 5 day week when the "new" year started to make up for the difference in number of days. He *really* regrets doing it because he didn't know how much nicer a 4 day week is compared to a 5 day week! He is 12, though, and I feel he has really learned from it instead of just wanting to be like the neighbors.

    One more note on our schedule--we are nontraditional RE: time, too. DH works 3rd shift, so we usually don't begin school until sometime in the evening. DS always has the option of starting early if he wants, but he *must* begin no later than 7 PM. We're almost always up until at least 1 AM, so he has plenty of time to finish. We sleep late, as well, but we have always been night owls, so this works really well for us. Public school would have been *terrible* for us, even if it was only the times of day!!!

    Mom to DS12