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    Art Card Display

    We were really excited to get our K art cards this week. At first, I had it pinned up to our white board with a magnet, but fine art in the midst of the busy board and all the colors was jarring. I remembered that I had a frame - I believe I bought it at Target - that has a black frame matted to 5x7. The back is made for rotating several photos, so you can slide the pictures in and out, plus store several future prints. It hangs really easily either ladscape or portrait. So, I hung it today with the first print we are studying displayed. The card fit really well, it will be super simple to switch for next week, and having it framed makes it look really special - like FINE art.

    Just wanted to pass that along for others that might be doing art cards.


    Great idea, Lena! Thanks for sharing.
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