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Continue LCI vs FF for 5th grader

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    Continue LCI vs FF for 5th grader

    My rising 5th grader was a struggling reader/writer. I began LCI this year, but half-heartedly and only since January, since the focus has still been improving reading, spelling and writing. I'm afraid I didn't do what I should have anyway, a little overwhelmed with 3 other grades in my house. So now we're only finishing up unit II and nearing the end of our year ( I go year round with a slightly longer--4 week--summer break). I'm wondering if I should simply keep going with LCI and then on to FF or should I just start FF when we start our new year? I have 2 older kids who started with LCI earlier and will be in 3rd F, so I know that FF has a lot of review from LCI. The biggest thing is that I SO much prefer the layout of the FF--the presentation is so much more logical (to me). My perspective is a little skewed since my first 2 were accelerated readers, but this child enjoys the Latin and seems interested in learning it. I could also continue this "for fun" through the summer...possibly :-).

    I'm also considering the Grammar/Comp program for him. I've done several writing programs none of which I've really been happy with and I thought it might be nice to have the Latin and Lang Arts correlate a little more. Since this is relatively new, I'd appreciate any feedback and/or suggestions.


    Toni G.

    Hi, Toni.

    I think you should start fresh with First Form in the fall. You've taught it before so you're comfortable with it, and it sounds to me like you need a fresh start. Take the summer off from Latin, but let your student know that when fall arrives, you are going to kick it into gear.

    Just my opinion. I'm sure others will jump in too.