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Latin Suggestion Needed - Second Grade

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    Latin Suggestion Needed - Second Grade

    What Latin work do you suggest for a second grader who has already completed Prima Latina? I've been told LC1 is too much to start as such a young age. I've considered redoing PL but think it would be boring to her. Suggestions?

    Festina lentē,
    Jessica P

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    Hi Jessica,

    I tend to disregard the absolutes re: age/grade with my kids, so that's my disclaimer :-) So many of the products MP publishes are suitable for a variety of ages and abilities and schedules, and are nicely adaptable ... One of the beauties of homeschooling is being able to teach our kids according to their needs and abilities ...

    I would say that if she's completed Prima Latina, going on to Latina Christiana would be fine -- you know your daughter best, and of course, one need only work through any program at a pace most suitable for one's child/family ...
    homeschooling mother to a 16yo boy & 18yo girl, both learning at the high school level, and an adult son whom I homeschooled all the way through. You are welcome to read more about our homeschooling life at my blog: link via my username. Please forgive any typos in my comments here! I'm disabled and can't always type clearly.


      I would tend to agree with EllieCove. The only other point that I would add is that LCI reviews most of PL, so I wouldn't think it would be too hard. If your child takes longer to understand you may want to slow down. There is more writing with LCI so you may want to do some orally. But I wouldn't stop and loose the knowledge she has gain.

      Also if you were wanting to keep her with the MP curriculum schedule (since she would be one year ahead) I think they still offer LCII that she could take her 3rd grade year. Then she would take 1st Form her 4th grade year which is the Latin course MP has scheduled.


        I'll just throw in that at our school, our students do Prima Latina in 2nd grade, Latina Christiana I in 3rd, and First Form in 4th. Whereas, you wouldn't want to throw a brand new Latin student in the 4th grade into FF, after 2 years of introductory Latin, they are ready for it. You may want to slow down your pace because it is quite a bit of writing, but it also has lots of review in it, reinforcing mastery of the introduction students have had through PL and LCI. So, just consider LCI another introductory course for 3rd grade, and concentrate on having your student memorize the grammar forms and vocabulary. If understanding of how to use the grammar forms isn't there yet, it will come in 4th grade with First Form.