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Oooo Eeee Ahhh! (Music)

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    Oooo Eeee Ahhh! (Music)

    Now that we are coming to the end of our first year with MP full Curriculum Guides, I've finally started looking more at the classical music selections from the Kinder Guide. I did look some of them up online a couple of times, but sitting in front of the computer to hear music was frustrating for me. It finally occurred to me to check out the CDs from the library. Which leads me to this:

    You really have thought of everything! I never would have known what to look for in music, or that we'd love Vivaldi, or how stories are told through music like Peter and the Wolf and The Carnival of the Animals! Just one more reason I am thrilled with Memoria Press! Thank you all for all of your hard work to provide us (families) with an amazing classical education at an affordable price with so much order that even the organizationally challenged (like myself) can homeschool well!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    You might try Spotify for music selections

    I use and recommend a free Spotify playlist for enjoying the suggested music. If you join, you can search for "Memoria Press First Grade Music" and see the complete year of music (as of last year's Lesson Plans). I like it because you can search many versions of the music to find the one that sounds best as well as let it play in the background as you are doing other things. You can also have a fun quiz by playing each piece and letting the student(s) try to guess it first.
    If you do decide to purchase each of the songs through iTunes or something similar you'll at least know exactly which one to get!

    Go to to learn more.
    Festina lentē,
    Jessica P

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      Thanks Jessica!

      I'll check it out. I have been playing the CDs most of the day while working on school work. There seems to be less talking when we have that bit of background music; and I am much calmer as well.