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Who is starting K? and an art Q

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    Who is starting K? and an art Q

    We started our school year early this year because of a big (BIG!) move in the fall. But, over the next 12-14 months I have my first kindergartener! Who else is going to be doing K this year?

    Then I have a developmental question. Should I be worried that my dd isn't drawing very much yet? I don't mean that her drawings are messy, but that she mostly still scribbles rather than trying to draw a picture of anything. She also is not very good a coloring. She picks one color, not related to the picture and quickly scribbles over the whole picture. For example, she would color an apple purple including the stem and leaf the same color. Is that normal for this age group?

    For those that are more artistic, how do you encourage your kids? Just let them go? Help them pick colors? Have them plan their pictures? There is little to no art talent or education running around our house, so I am not sure how to or whether to encourage her to try harder.


    I had always assumed that kids like to color. My oldest daughter did. And then my son came along and had absolutely no desire to color or draw anything. At all. Child three could spend hours a day drawing and coloring. Child four is eight and still hates to draw or color. Child five is a little artist too. Child six never touches the crayons. And now child two, who did not draw anything until he was nine years old, spends most of his free time drawing.
    It seems to just be a preference. I did notice that the children who liked to draw and color had a MUCH easier time learning to write. The ones who did not still hate to be asked to draw a picture from a story. But it does not hinder their overall development or education.
    And the coloring the whole picture one color (especially their favorite color) is normal.
    Sometimes kids who don't normally want to draw will do it if there is something like a large banner of paper or sidewalk chalk.
    I don't do much in the way of art instruction other than picture study. I keep really nice art supplies on hand, and stay out of the way. We check out art books and how to draw books if someone wants them. Every child finds their niche.

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      I have one going into K in the fall too. He loves to draw but isn't really into coloring pictures. I keep colored pencils and paper out for him and he draws as he wants (usually Minecraft related lol)

      We typically don't do any formal art studies unless it is through a homeschool co-op. I am just not artistic at all.

      We have a big move coming up in the winter to Germany and I am impressed you are starting so early. We won't have our current year finished until the end of July or first of August. I plan to start next school year the first week of September. Hopefully we will be able to complete one full term before the move.



        I had assumed everybody likes to color too. My nearly 3 year old girl loves to color and trace. My older daughter (turning 5 in Aug) likes to draw (people) well enough but hates to color! Trying to get her to do it will turn a lesson that's going great to a very unpleasant experience for all involved. Now I just occasionally ask if she wants to color in the pictures like the directions say....she hasn't said yes yet. lol! I do work on fine motor skills in other ways that are challenging like cutting correctly. She likes puzzles and glue so I got the Kumon puzzle cut and paste book. I've been following a tip from HWT and giving her short pencils. Not sure if it's helping much but certainly no worse.

        anyway, I'm still planning to start K sometime this summer/fall. I look forward to hearing about how everybody is doing!


          My son was 5 in August and is just in the last few months trying to draw pictures and color. Before he just scribbled and made "abstracts". For some kids it is a perfection issue- they do not feel they can do it "right" so they don't try. For others, they just have no interest.

          As far as teaching art- there are many good programs out there I'm sure, but I never really taught art per say. My oldest is 18 and a graduating senior. She is a very talented artists while I have zip artistic ability. She is self taught. She has always had a passion for art and crafts. As a matter of fact, she went to school to the middle of 5th grade and then we brought her home at her request so she could have more time to "do art". I never taught her a thing. I bought good supplies (prismacolor color pencils, good drawing pencils, student grade acrylic and water paint- the kind in the tubes not the pallets- good paper, sculpy clay, etc) and let her at it. She always had a sketchbook available and would draw in them alot- still does. When she asked, I searched and bought her instruction books which she used to teach herself. Finally, last year we paid for a formal art class. She is going to college to study graphic design and get a fine arts degree. She also recently won a $2000 prize in a major art contest ( She also runs a handmade jewelry shop online and makes about a $200 profit per month and has done jewelry for weddings. So me not teaching her art has not hampered her a bit. My recomendation is to provide them with good supplies and books when they are ready and let them have at it. My boys show no interest in art which is fine with me. One has built a homemade Vandegraph generator- he is our engineer not our artist. Let them follow their passions.
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            Thanks everyone. With that encouragement I will probably let her do as she likes for those parts. She didn't take up coloring at all until her little brother liked doing it. I will work on writing and leave it at that.


            We are moving to Germany this winter too. Stuttgart here we come. Unfortunately my husband is training en route so we will be sans house for four months!


              This will actually be my first time with Kindergarten. My two older ones attended public school for K. The Sprout has been attending a Mother's Day Out style preschool one day a week this last year and really enjoyed it, so he is going to keep going all summer and next school year one day per week, and then we'll do homeschool for Kindergarten the other four days.

              He doesn't like to color either. He loves to scribble, but he rarely ever draws anything. He does like to make pictures with finger paint, though.
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                I lived at Patch Barracks from '81-'84, for my first three years of high school. I *loved* living in Germany, and my parents made sure we traveled some while we there. Is this your first time there, or have you been before?
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                  This will be my first trip to live in Germany (I have vacationed there) and DH's second trip. He is a fluent German speaker. Right now the move itself is a little overwhelming but I am sure we will enjoy it when we get there. I am just sorry that my kids are going to be so little. At 5,3,2 when we arrive, they may not really remember much!


                    We'll be starting K in the fall. As for my artist until about two weeks ago she would just go all over with whatever color was available to her with only some respect for lines. Now she is generally within the lines of coloring pages and has starting drawing some of her own. I actually might say she enjoys painting best (just watercolors so far) and has started labeling her drawings verbally to us and that is completely new. After she tells you what it is, you can kinda see it.

                    Lately I've been letting her run wild with Crayola Window Crayons (although they take some time to clean, she loves them) and came back to find this, which she informed me was her baby sister. (So things can change drastically, and quickly!)

                    ETA: The Hobbit sword art is amazing! 'bet you're proud momgineer! (And I smile every time I see that as I'm married to my Enginerd.)
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