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more 2nd grade questions

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    more 2nd grade questions

    I have a few more questions about 2nd grade. my ds 7 has been using WWE level 1 and FLL 1 and I'm wondering if the copybooks are the equivalent to those? Is there grammar introduction in 2nd or does it start with 3rd grade recitation?

    Spelling: The spelling is incorporated in the TM, correct?

    Thanks so much!
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    Our Copybook is not as thorough as WWE. It really is a copybook. Students copy one verse or poem a week, and it is very short. We have a Bible story the first day. The second day, we write the verse on a board and talk about it - what it means, how it's punctuated, words the students recognize, etc. Then, we erase it a few words at a time and recite it together with each erasure, as a means for students to memorize it. The third day, they finally copy it. Then, on the fourth day, we pull it back out, and proofread and correct their copywork. Finally, at the end of the week, they recite it formally from memory. So, we spend one week on a verse, turning it into a language arts lesson.

    Our formal grammar begins in 2nd grade with Prima Latina. But we are working on grammar in k-1st grades too, as you see above in the copybook, as well as in our literature guides. Students are working on mastering a sentence in StoryTime Treasures in 1st grade. We answer the questions about their reading orally, put them in good oral sentences, and then the teacher writes the sentences on a board, and the students copy them. In addition to reading comprehension, we are working on punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, etc. It is a nice, gentle way to introduce these concepts.

    Our spelling words come out of the SRA Phonics books we use to solidify phonics in these primary years. Our teachers chose the words, and the lists are in the back of the curriculum guide.