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Greek at Grade/Age Level or Latin Level?

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    Greek at Grade/Age Level or Latin Level?

    We're working our way through the 6th grade curriculum guide (a year late as dc should be in 7th). The Greek copybook wasn't a part of the package at the time we purchased, which is probably a good thing as we're working on catching up across the board, though more so in a couple of subjects. We'll start FFL this summer or fall (when we've finished with LCI).

    So, I'm wondering when we should start on Greek? And at what level? Do we start at the same time we're doing Third Form Latin or right away? Or do we just start with First Form Greek in a couple of years, since dc will be older anyway? My initial thought is to wait until he is on TFL, but would greatly appreciate your direction.

    Thank you!

    Hi, Kami.

    I think I would wait another year at least before beginning Greek. There is no rush, and it would be good for your students to have the opportunity to get a little more Latin under their belts before adding another language. And we should have the program completed in its final version by the time you need it!