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Grammar ?- "adjectives in correct order in a sentence"?

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    Grammar ?- "adjectives in correct order in a sentence"?

    My 4th grader is getting ready for her standardized test. We're working through the Spectrum 4th grade test practice book. A section asked :choose the sentence in which adjectives are in the correct order. We haven't come across that with the Rod and Staff book. Sample:
    A. I like the fluffy stuffed bear.
    B. I like the red big hat.
    C. I like the new shiny watch.
    D. I like the juicy soft peaches.

    A. sounds the best to me, but I don't know any "rules"

    Help please!

    Hi, Mollie.

    I don't know any rules on this topic either, but there is a specific order in a grammar book we have here. I'll attach it here for you. Honestly, I think for a 4th grader taking a standardized test, you would just need to let her choose the one that sounds right to her, and she will probably guess correctly. This looks too complicated for a 4th grader; I think she can rely on her instincts, especially if she says each one aloud.

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      oh my goodness!! I'll just hope there aren't a lot of those questions on the exam!
      These questions do seem advanced to me, but it makes me worry that I'm not "keeping up" and therefore it will evident in her test scores. I know test scores aren't everything, but they do matter these days. I know a HS family who did not get into their local parochial school because the school only looked at the test scores and they just weren't high enough.