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    5th grade materials

    Last night we received our books for next year, and I was surprised and disappointed to find that many of our materials are in what appears to be the Beta edition:
    Geography I Review Key
    Geography II Teacher Guide
    Geography II text
    Geography II workbook
    The Door in the Wall study guide
    The Door in the Wall Teacher Guide

    The comb-bound editions do not hold up well at all in our household, and as these are for the oldest of my 5 children, I am counting on being able to re-use the non-workbooks for my other children. It would have been really helpful if it had been noted on your site that I wasn't getting the books as pictured on the website or in the catalog.

    Will these be available in the finished binding by fall? If so, should I send these back now and reorder late in the summer?

    Thanks for your help!
    Mom to 5 boys, ages 10 down to 1


    All of the books you have listed are at the printer now, so I'll have them in the next month in their finished format. You can just throw the other ones away and email me with your name and shipping address, and I'll be glad to send you new books as soon as they hit our dock!




      Oh, yes! My email is: [email protected]