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    Kindle editions

    I see that you are selling Kindle editions of some of your books. My 7th grader much prefers his Kindle to paper books so I am glad to see this. We plan to buy the Iliad and Odyssey from you to use with your study guides. I already own a different translation of these books in paper format, but I recognize the need to use your prefered translation with the study guide.

    My question concerns some of the literature books we will be using. We plan to do your study guide for Robinson Crusoe and As You Like It. We currently own a paper copy of Robinson Crusoe, but I cannot tell from the small picture on your webpage if it is the same edition as yours or not. I have found that I can get both these books for free on Kindle. I would assume there is no translation issues for these books as you would be studying them in the original language. Do you foresee any issues with using the free Kindle books with your study guides or is there a need to have the exact edition you use?
    Debbie- mom of 7, civil engineering grad, married to mechanical engineer
    DD, 27, BFA '17 graphic design and illustration
    DS, 25, BS '18 mechanical engineering
    DS, 23, BS '20 Chemsitry, pursuing phd at Wash U
    (DDIL married #3 in 2020, MPOA grad, BA '20 philosophy, pusrsing phd at SLU)
    DS, 21, Physics and math major
    DD, 18, dyslexic, 12th grade dual enrolled
    DS, 14, future engineer/scientist/ world conquerer 9th MPOA diploma student
    DD, 8 , 2nd Future astronaut, robot building space artist


    I think you will be fine with Kindle editions of As You Like It and Robinson Crusoe. We were using the Modern Library Classics edition of Crusoe, but we are switching to the Everyman edition, which is actually broken down into chapters. Crusoe wasn't written with chapters, so you may need to just figure out how much to read on the Kindle, but it shouldn't be too difficult.