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    Intro to Composition question

    I'm looking ahead to next year and trying to figure out how each subject will fit my daughter's needs. I have looked at the samples of the Intro to Composition. I am wondering about how the teacher's in your school handle the dictation sections. Do they first write the sentences on the board and study them with the students including talking about the punctuation and spelling and then erase them and dictate them to the students? Or do they simply dictate them and hope the students get it all correct? Or is it more copywork rather than dictation? My daughter is not a strong, confident speller and I can see her freaking out trying to spell some of the words correctly from dictation.

    I love the classical way of teaching language arts- copywork, narration, and dictation. I'm just not sure how to do the dictation and how much to expect. She already does dictation in her All About Spelling lessons- 12 sentences a lesson which is about a week's worth of work. But those sentences are designed to only have words whose spelling they have mastered.

    Since she will be learning the "hear it, process it, write it correctly" skills with her spelling dictation, would it be bad to just let those dictation lessons in the comp book be copywork instead?
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    Our teachers definitely spend time analyzing the sentences for dictation, talking about spelling, punctuation, etc. I feel like your plan is a fine one. The idea behind our dictation exercises is to make students more attentive and accurate in their writing. It shouldn't be a surprise attack that they aren't prepared for.