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Grammar Progression - Not Sure I Understand Your Plans

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    I'm confused too! You got the 6th grade R&S grammar books with your 5th grade package? That was a mistake. You should have gotten the 6th grade R&S spelling books and the 5th grade grammar books. Did you have us fix this for you in Nov.?

    At any rate, English grammar won't correspond exactly with your Latin. For our new grammar program, we have tied it loosely to the grammar that students study in each Latin course, but it isn't a perfect correlation. They won't be studying the same concepts at the same time in both subjects.

    We are almost finished with 5th grade grammar, and we are working on 6th grade now, so you might check with us late this summer and see if we can replace your R&S grammar with this new program. We'll be glad to do that for you if we can get it ready.



      Here's What Happened

      When I got my 5th. grade package last November, I realized I had received the 6th grade spelling and 5th grade English. However, your site stated that the 5th gr. R&S had been changed to 6th gr. because your company felt the 5th gr. below level for that package.

      So, I called and spoke with a rep about the R&S 5 I received, asked about the new grammar that is compatible with your Latin programs, and the R&S 6th. I asked which I should actually use with 5th grade next year. I was told that I should get the R&S 6 because the new grammar program that coincides with Latin is for the lower elementary grades. So, I switched my R&S Eng. 5 for R&S Eng 6.

      Now you can see why I am totally confused about what I should be using. Plus, I'm not sure I really want to mail stuff back a 3rd time (because I had an altered package originally), some things came that I wasn't supposed to receive, and I had to mail those back as well when my package first came.

      Whew! I think I got all that out correctly....


        Whew! Sorry about this confusion! We have gone round and round on our grammar, and that probably explains why you got conflicting information. At one time, I believe we were telling people to take two years to go through 6th grade grammar because we just didn't need that much English grammar while we were doing so much Latin. The R&S grammar course is so comprehensive and takes so long to thoroughly complete that we decided it wasn't the best use of our students' time. So, we planned to do less English grammar (taking 2 years to complete a book). And the 6th grade book is a good choice for 5th-6th graders.

        Since then, we have been developing our own grammar program to replace R&S that is more of a memorization program and less of an analytical grammar program. We are planning to have 5th grade completed this summer, and hopefully, most of 6th grade. We will be glad to send you Workbook I if you'd like to try it. If you'd rather stick to R&S, my suggestion would be that you cut back on your English grammar (assuming you are doing Latin), and use R&S as a supplement. When you are studying direct objects in Latin, go to the exercises on direct objects in R&S, and complete some of them orally. This will demonstrate to your student the connection between English and Latin. You might also want to complete some exercises in punctuation and capitalization. I always started with those chapters when I was teaching 5th-6th graders. It was a reminder to them that my expectations for their work included correct punctuation/capitalization.

        I'm sorry for all this confusion! You have just gotten caught up in the middle of our angst over English grammar and it's priority in our curriculum. If you'd like to email me with your shipping address, I'll be glad to send you our new program to consider in the place of R&S. It's worth looking at!




          No problem!

          Thanks for the explanation Tanya. While there is confusion over the whole grammar thing, and I'm frustrated (in my mind) about what to use, I must tell you that all your people have been great with customer service and returns.

          We have a VERY heavy schedule next year with our history, Chemistry, church history, and Latin. So, any streamlining would be extremely appreciated.

          This our very first year of Latin, so we decided to go light and take it easy by using LC1. I want my dd to like Latin, and I felt that if we had heavy grammar, plus Latin, plus everything else, she could easily get overwhelmed.

          I will personally email you with my shipping info and see which program would be best.