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    Being behind

    I bought MP 1st to use with my daughter this year. We have had quite the school year so far. We care for my mom and the fall was really bad, filled with dealing with the aftermath of my dad dying, my mom's needs, etc. We are behind. I actually shelved it for a while and we just did some reading, basics and she does take co-op classes once a week.

    Anyway, my daughter just turned 7 a couple of weeks ago and we are puling MP back out. We are just on week 5 though. This will put her behind in MP but will she really be behind? She can read pretty well but still needs phonics reinforcement. Some things are easy for her but not all. And I know skipping isn't the right thing to do.

    So please reassure me. Just pull this back out and go along until we finish this and then go on to grade 2, right? Even if that means not starting that until she is 8 right after Christmas? I do plan to go through the summer.



    I think you will get advice from other users of our primary curriculum that will be more helpful to you, but I wanted to say a few words too. If your daughter is still struggling with reading and where you are in 1st grade doesn't seem too easy for her, I'd definitely continue on the path you are on. Why don't you pace yourself according to her comfort level, moving more quickly when you can. For example, if she has mastered a particular concept, go ahead and move forward without doing all the worksheets for that concept.

    The same thing applies to math. Once she has mastered a lesson, just move on. But be careful to still give her enough practice that she feels confident.

    Everything else transfers well from grade level to grade level - copybook work isn't that different between 1st-2nd grades; science and social studies are similar in both grades.




      We're right with you...

      Hey Angel,

      We had tough year or two a couple years back, putting two of my children behind in school. Anyway, my 7-year old is going through the 1st grade lesson plans and we're only on weeks 7/8 (a little behind in a couple subjects). I was just looking through the lesson plans the other day and we will do school as usually through May-June (maybe longer), then stretch out 3 wks of lessons into 6, taking off two weeks (kind of) before starting again in September. I say kind of on the two weeks off because I will likely have him do at least one math page and some reading to me.

      You have had to deal with much this year, so I'll say what I said to another family I know, who had much to deal with as well. Do what you need to provide a sense of normalcy to your day and your family. But give yourself adequate time to get back to the academic level we are all striving to achieve. She thought she'd try to give herself a couple of weeks. I advised her to be very gracious with herself for a year; not that she wouldn't be doing anything in that year, but that she would gradually work back to where they wanted to be academically. My husband and I try to evaluate things every three months.

      Blessings to you,