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    schedule tweaks?

    Does anyone spread out their non-core subjects (history, science, geography, Christian Studies, etc) through out the week so that you do a little each day rather than all of it at once? This isn't a problem for my 6th grader, but I loose my 4th grader! I may try just a little of each to keep her attention- or is that not good training? Should she learn to just focus? When I do that, I feel like its just - lets hurry up and get it done so we can check it off our list (and not so much- did you understand it)...

    We try to keep the "weekly" subjects to one day a week, but we do spend time reviewing several of these subjects daily to keep it fresh. If one lesson is particularly long, we often finish it the next week. Since we do lessons for more than 34 weeks, we usually have some extra weeks to play with. Also, we often do some of the work orally, which speeds up the lesson.
    Jill, mom to
    ds10 (MP 5th), ds8 (MP 3rd), dd6, ds5