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    My friend and I are both new to MP. We are trying to figure out some incentives to motivate them, especially with all the memory work that is so new to them. I've never used sticker charts before, even as a teacher. This summer my girls (9 & 11) had a tutor that gave them a sticker for their charts with each successful lesson. I could not believe the work they put in to get that sticker!!
    We were wondering if we should get one of those classroom poster reward charts with all the lines and squares. Then maybe have a line for each of the following: weekly recitation, poem, Bible verses & prayers, history (flashcard power quiz). Maybe add subject tests too?
    So, just wondering if any of you have any great ideas??

    I bought the little sticker charts with 42 squares. I have all our subjects listed on a small poster so they can see how many stickers they can earn each school day. The boys get 1 sticker for each subject they complete HAPPY. When the chart is full (takes ~2 wks or less) they get a big night with Dad and Mom. I never used these with the older 2 but it is amazing how well it works.

    If you use a big chart for each month, that may seem too long. The small chart is less intimidating.
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